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Sent: 6/28/2016 10:45:53 PM Help!

Check out my new additions to my political party platfrom read below

Hi I have a political party platform on the Web . a web site to view and maybe be able to inform the groups of my platform and ideas. Can you help me hook up with them? I might go into the city tomorrow but would like to get some more of my business cards printed up first It might take a week or so. Cell phone 908- 546-8434 David Check out my political party platform. Follow the directions below to my platform. Read all and follow the instructions and corresponding web pages along with checking out my spectacular photo section with written articles and illustrations of importance too. Yahoo and Google search Engines may or may not have stopped censoring my political party platform, so try not to use yahoo and Google search engines in case they continue to censor my platform. They call it Spam like I'm trying to sell something. It's amazing how politics infects corporations and the media alike. Because their censoring me, please follow the next paragraphs directions to my Political Party Platform. The easiest way to get to my Political Party Platform ( The Moralist Minority Party Party The Neglected and Abused Average Middle Class American Family Party is to type in the Internet Explorers Web browser the top left web browser on the computer monitor. Type in the browser Http:// or just type in ( ) Then Hit go on the end of the internet Explorer Web browser then click on the link that says Moralist Minority Party. The Home page should be in a Maroonish red with 19 Pages listed downward on the right side going downward with the right side scroll bar clicking on pages going downward. Also click on my photo section towards the top right side too. When the page appears scroll down on he right side scroll bar. The pages will appear only one a a time coming up from the bottom of the screen of the page that you clicked on moving up on the screen as you scroll all the way down the right side scroll bar. You have to click on each page and scroll down on the right side scroll bar. Click on each page and read each one in their entirety. It seems to me they might not be posting my newer updated pages I colorized them if you see black and white pages click on the page then click on another page then go back to the same page and see if the pages of information are larger and should be colorized. It might show up on Mozilla Firefox try it but it might not show up too. If you use Google with Mozilla Firefox first type in( ) hit go then click on the link that says Moralist Minority Party Page 1. this should bring you to my Web Page with Pages 1- 19 listed right side going downward but still may not show up. Click on a page and scroll down on the right side scroll bar and the page will appear from below as you continue scrolling all the way down the page. Sincerely, David Medway

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